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enjoy the clean seases
N. Marmaras
E.U. Blue Flags
certification for clean seas
A view of N. Marmaras
rent room & apartments
A Home away From Home
sunset at N. Marmaras beach
a majestic place that attracts a large number of tourists yearly
a great place for families
N. Marmaras
A Greek paradise for lucky visitors.
Magnificent view Keep memories For ever !

Area Informations

The Village of Neos Marmaras is a world renown seaside resort situated on the Western Side of the Sithonia Peninsula, in Northern Greece and in the Prefecture of Halkidiki (Chalkidiki)

Halkidiki is a majestic place that attracts a large number of tourists yearly. The visitor can see; - a wealth of nature. - amazing blue seas and white sandy beaches. - picturesque little villages set in beautiful surroundings and all having remarkable and varying traditions.- great traditional architecture. majestic secluded creeks and trekking routes. - archaeological treasures as well as historical monuments and Old Churches. - Mount Athos or Agios Oros ,considered to be one of the most heavenly and holy places in Greece ! plus many more must visit sites,too many to mention now on this introduction to Neos Marmaras and Halkidiki..

Sithonia Peninsula is also called by many the Garden of Greece as it is an area of unique beauty, which harmoniously combines green forests, deep blue waters, tranquil bays, secluded villages,golden beaches,fantastic climate,gentle cool summer winds or boukadoura ,little tranquill fishing ports,breathtaking views and sunsets ,waterfalls e.t.c. Sithonia is the middle peninsula of Halkidiki and surely is a must to tour site, as each place you tour or visit ( Vatopedi, Metamorphossi, Nikiti, Agios Nikolaos, Pirgadikia, Parthenonas ,Sarti, Neos Marmaras, Vourvourou, e.t.c.) will leave you with something new and wonderful to remember,all in all a beautiful memory But what separates Sithonia from many other places (besides its natural beauty) and what is considered its greatest teasure is its LOCAL RESIDENTS they are famous for their friendly warm and hospitable nature,fantastic service,happy and smiling faces which creates a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere to spend a holiday . In short The Mediterranean nature of the locals will ensure that all our visitors will have, relaxing and unforgettable holidays.

Neos(New)Marmaras-The Village itself is built on five hills which gives the visitor or tourist the impression of an island as it is surrounded by Paradisssos BeachMarmaras Beach/Plaz Beautiful Pine Forrests .Both of the above mentioned beaches hold BLUE FLAGS issued by the Eropean Union for Clean Seas.

Paradissos in Greek means Paradise and the beach will make you feel like you are really in Heaven. The peace and quiet (tranquillity) it offers plus the warm calm shallow blue seas and magnificent views; of the peninsula of Kassandra ,the Toroneos Bay,Turtle Island (Kellifos) and awesome breathtaking sunsets will ensure your heavenly feeling.

Whereas the Marmaras Beach or Plaz(long white sandy beach) offers the same views as the above with some major differences..At the Plaz we have deeper water, watersports ,festive music and Beach Bars, Beach volleyball and many other activities and weekends will find the youth of nearby Thessalonika(Greeces second biggest city) here for the legendary vibe and good times

In short in New Marmaras we offer the Tourist a choice of beach, Tranquill or Party!!!!

From New Marmaras should you opt to, you can participate in organised tours and Day Trips:
  • To Thessaloniki, Vergina ,Meteora Monasteries ,Petralona Caves,Waterland , Olynthos Ruins and manymore
  • Cruises to and around Mount Athos and or a Cruise around the Totoneos Gulf to Kassandra Peninsula and Turtle Island..
  • Greek Nights Out, made up of traditional food,dancing and music offered at various Local Hotels on different weeknights

New.Marmaras also offers the tourist a large number of local activities in the village such as:
  • Hiking on our registered trails to either Milos Waterfall or up to the Village of Parthenonas which is a recognised E.U. Heritage Site..
  • Spend a Day shopping at our many shops, curio stores and gift shops
  • Take a Boat Taxi and visit Porto Carras.Marina,Hotels,Spa,Casino ,Winefarm and Country Club (golf,tennis,soccer,basketball)
  • Hire a Car or Motorbike and spend the day Beach Exploring (in and around us are many small and secluded beaches)
  • We also have excellent fishing (for the enthusiast) off our floating pier , snorkling ,scuba diving is on offer at our Dive School in Porto Carras .
  • Sampling of Local Quisine at one of our many Traditional Greek Tavernas and Seaside Restaurants,Pizzerias and Souvlaki (kebab) and Giro Outlets
  • Good Night Life consisting of many Pubs ,Music Bars ,Beach bars , Discos as well as Traditional Greek Bouzouki Clubs
  • A small Amusement Park also runs everynight offering Rides,Bumper Cars e.t.c